Tuesday March 5th. My garden is doing well. The rain has been good to it so far this winter. So happy about that.

Monday March 4th, 2024. Been thinking about how I'm going to vote on March 5th. For Senator Barbara Lee. She voted against GWB's Gulf War. I gotta vote for that. For Congresscritter: Simitian. For Supervisor: Sally Lieber. My kind of experienced politicians. Prop 1: no. Green Party County Council: Nadia Nouri and David Jango Han. Beyond that? The rest of my ballot's a private matter.


Monday Jan. 8th, 2024. Sad to report the USA's national debt is now above $34 Trillion. Some of us remember when it was a small fraction of that number.


June 16th, 2023. San Jose Bike Party's Monster Mash Ride. A good time was had by many.



Thursday Dec. 1st, 2022. Yesterday I decorated a holiday tree for the first time in years and years.

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Feb 28th, 2024: Don't remember when this quarter came into my life. I found it while weeding my change for quarters to use at the laundromat. It was in my pocket for my 27 mile Alameda County bike ride, the event I bought that ticket to attend.

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