This site is one part of a grassroots campaign. There are many ways to participate. One of the things that propels me forward is the memory of the time a Native American told me "If you are on the side of Mother Earth we are with you." The big thing we can all do is use less energy personally. Beyond that, if you want to advertise for a good idea, I  would love to sell you a great sticker. I have two you can pick from. The first is a bike sized sticker with my  logo:.  The other is much smaller, and is designed to look good on a credit card or other place like that:

Either way, if you want one send a dollar and an appropriately addressed stamped envelope to:

Tian Harter
P.O. Box 1476
Mountain View CA 94042-1476.

I'll send you one by return mail ASAP.
If you have a website that you can put one of these
logos on I would be very grateful, especially if you could make it point to Email me the address of your page, and I will be glad to put you on this list of fellow travelers: