(Postscript) During the campaign this page was arranged so that the most recent post was at the top. I reorganized it so that it would read as a story, oldest first. A lot of the items on this page are links to more detailed entries. If something is outlined or underlined in blue then clicking it will probably unfold into an interesting page. I say probably because it seems like pages outside my control go off the air one by one...

2/3/06: Special thanks to Roy Harrison for taking the above really good picture of me for use during the campaign.

To check out my first podcast interview, click here.

2/27/06: Filed my Candidacy papers, including this code of ethics.

3/1/06: I have finished all of the steps required to get my name on the June 6 ballot. The declaration of Candidacy hasn't rippled through to the Secretary of State's website, but the Registrar told me I had done everything I needed to do.

3/8/06: Check out my answers to these interesting questionnaires: SFGP ACGP

3/12/06: Helped with a mailing for the open space initiative in Santa Clara County.

3/15/06: Attended Candidate Night in the San Francisco Green Party Office.

3/18/06: Worked the crowd at the peace march in Palo Alto. Raised $200 and moved many stickers. Had a great time. Took lots of pictures you can see by clicking here.

3/19/06: Attended a Strategy Session for Green Party Candidates in Petaluma.

3/20/06: Spoke at the open mike at the Red Rock Coffee House in Mountain View. Steve, who introduced me, said "this is the first time we've ever hosted a politician."

3/22/06: Spoke at the teach in about the Gulf War at San Jose State.

3/25/2006:I went to Watsonville, to march with the 241 mile march winding its way from Tijuana to San Francisco. I think there were something like 700 people there, many more than I was expecting. They were very opposed to HR 4473. You could see it in the signs they carried, and the way they responded when speakers said things about how bad that piece of legislation is.

3/26/2006: I followed the march from Tijuana to San Francisco across San Jose. Click here to see my pictures of the event.

3/28/2006: Attended a press conference at Anna Eshoo's office with Carol Brouillet, Gerry Gras, and some other Greens. Click here to see the only coverage we got that I know of.

3/30/2006: Held a fund raiser in Mountain View. Raised about $100.

4/4/2006: Was the luncheon speaker at Mountain View's Technology & Society Committee. Click here to see the notes from that speech.

4/6/2006: Worked the crowd at the premier of "Sir! No Sir!", at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. Sir! No Sir! is a movie about how the anti war movement developed in the American soldiers during the Vietnam war. I got a lot out of seeing it.

4/9/2006: Worked the crowd at the Noruz festival in Vasona Park.

4/10/2006: Marched with the Latino community for immigrants rights. Click here to see the pictures from that march.

4/11/2006: Marched with the environmental justice community in the pouring rain on PG&E's Hunters Point Power Plant, demanding it be shut down because of the cancer clusters in the community living around it.

4/13/2006: Worked the crowd at a Code Pink benefit put on my Fontain's MUSE and Hamsa Lila at the Avalon Ballroom. Also helped at Carol Brouillet's Green Party table.

4/14/2006: Attended Barry Hermanson's party in San Francisco.

4/19/2006: Attended the first debate between the three Candidates going for the Green Nomination at KFCF in Fresno.

4/20/2006: Visited Tulare County. You can see pictures from that trip by clicking here.

4/21/2006: Worked the crowd outside the Bush event in San Jose. You can see pictures of that  by clicking here.

4/22/2006: Marched with the Mountain View Voices for Peace in the Mountain View Parade. Later I attended the San Benito County Green Party meeting. After that I spent the evening working the crowd at the Acterra Decadent Dinner.

4/23/2006: Marched in yet another immigrants rights march in San Francisco.

4/25/2006: Got started on my SmartVoter.org web page. Click here to check it out.

4/27/2006: Worked the crowd at the Depeche Mode Concert at Shoreline.

4/28/2006: Did Critical Mass in San Francisco.

4/29/2006: Spent the day working the crowd at the New Living Expo in the Concourse Exhibition Center.

5/1/2006: Marched for immigrants rights in San Francisco along with about 50,000 other people.

5/3/2006: Worked the crowd at a talk in Berkeley by Daniel Ellsberg, Janis Karpinski and  Ambassador Craig Murray. Click here to read my notes from the event.

5/5/2006: Picked up the new license plates for my car from the DMV in Redwood City.

5/6/2005: Began the day by working the crowd at a Pagen Festival in Berkeley. Did the hokey pokey with a large circle of fellow travelers. Around 4:20 I went to Civic Center Plaza where they were celebrating some NORML festival.

5/7/2005: Began the day by making buttons and folding fliers. The I went up to Samina's American Muslim Voice Annual Solidarity Open House in Palo Alto. After that I looked at art and worked the crowd at the Art & Wine festival in downtown Mountain View.

5/8/2006: Attended the PLAN Signature Submitting Event at the Santa Clara County Registrars Office. You can see my pictures of what happened by clicking here.

5/10/2006: Spoke at the San Mateo County Green Party Candidates night event.

5/11/2006: Attended the San Mateo County Peak Oil Awareness group meeting. Got their endorsement!

5/13/2006: Attended the first three way live debate between myself, Todd Chretien, and Kent Mesplay.

5/14/2006: Worked the crowd at a Sustainable World Conference in San Francisco.

5/15/2006: Got interviewed live for indy media. You can hear that by clicking here. After that I attended a fund raiser for Krissy Keefer for Congress at Cafe La Boheme in San Francisco.

5/18/2006: Began the day by working at the Bike To Work Day energizer table in Downtown Mountain View. Then I spent the evening working the crowd at the Bike To Work Day Party put on by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

5/19/2006: Attended the Art opening at Ross Mirkarimi's office in San Francisco City Hall.

5/23/2006: Finished putting about 10,800 postcards in the mail.  A picture of one is below:

Big thanks to Valerie, Bob, Susan, Dana, Gerry, Vi, and Jean for helping get them out! Big thanks to Perry Political Software for organizing the database!

5/24/2006: Attended a Candidate night up in San Francisco organized by the SFGP.

5/27/2006: Spent the day at the farm in South Central LA supporting the farmers and Julia Butterfly Hill in  their struggle to keep the farm from being turned into a warehouse. To see my pictures from the trip click here.

5/31/2006: Thanks to Arlen, Jean, Susan, Daniel, Bob, and Cameron one last mailing of about 1900 postcards successfully went out.

6/2/2006: There was a great writeup about what I'm doing in the Mountain View Voice that came out today. You can read it by clicking here.

6/3/2006: Attended a Muslim community Candidate's picnic in Sunnyvale's Baylands Park.  Later in the day I gave out the rest of my campaign postcards at showings of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's excellent movie about the Climate Change issue.

6/4/2006: Marched in the Los Altos Gay/Straight alliance parade with the Los Altos Voices for Peace. Spent the afternoon and evening calling Green voters asking them to vote for me on Tuesday.

6/6/6: 11:47 AM (ish): I returned home from Easy St., where I had the distinct pleasure of voting for myself at the polling place in the German School Auditorium. Now I'm thinking about what to get for my party, which people will begin showing up for in about seven hours as I type this...

6/7/2006: Very early in the morning, the race results look like this:

I decided I was ready to concede the race and go to bed. Best of luck to Todd!

For weeks after the election the vote totals would change slightly every now and then as more votes came in. I was excited when Santa Clara County changed from blue to green, but it wasn't the kind of thing that would affect the final outcome. Todd got something like a thousand more votes than I did in each of San Francisco and Alameda counties, and that's what got him the victory. Most of my victories were in rural counties, where the number of votes cast was much smaller.