I hope we share a desire to make the Green Party Senate Primary an opportunity to think globally and act locally, to make the world a better place. I fully support the Green Platform, inluding withdrawal from Iraq, single payer health care, and fair wages. My campaign will focus on the following issues, which I want to discuss with as many people as possible:

The war in Iraq - We need to get the American troops out of Iraq ASAP. The Bush Administration falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Its hidden agenda was to secure more cheap oil. Impeach Bush. I voted Green in 2004 because I could not support Republican and Democratic foreign policies. I feature the slogan DON'T BE FUELISH! because we need to stop voting for oil companies at the gas pump. A vote for Tian is a vote for marketplace democracy.

Credibility in our system - Just as campaign contributors like the oil, arms, drug, car, and finance companies are sacred cows in Washington, DC., so advertisers matter to the mainstream media. The internet makes citizen journalism a new alternative to the mainstream, but only if we work with the possibilities it provides. As a grassroots activist, I figured out long ago that I prefer to participate in a political system with the flavor of talking to the neighbors over one of beseeching the incumbents. Consider the overlap between electric power and political power. If you and I were talking I might point to a green and leafy bush and say “I think this a harmless bush, and I think it’s a good thing to have harmless bushes in your life.” I am grateful for the existence of people that use less energy than I do. My PG&E bill is usually under $25/month. A vote for Tian is a vote for the relevance of ecosystem reality (power bills, for example) as part of the political system.

The outsourcing of jobs - I worked in the high tech sector from 1980 to 1999. My last software engineering job was at America Online. It was already clear to me at that time workers in the Third World could do the same work for much less. The race to the bottom has continued. Now I’m as likely to get a robot on the line as a person when I call some companies. Vending machines can tell if coins have cash value, but it takes a person to find entertainment value in the difference between a California quarter and an Arkansas quarter. A vote for Tian is a vote for the meaning of this difference.


Which of the above coins would you rather click on?

Good Citizenship - I use as little fossil fuel energy as I can as one way of helping with our trade deficit. My feeling has long been that over time walking our talk is the best way to spread a message. This idea that is at the center of green politics. Often, driving my little four cylinder car at or below the speed limit, I am passed by bigger cars driven by people in more of a hurry. I’m obeying the law and they are breaking it. Their attitude that “it doesn’t matter” is similar to the Bush Administration attitude toward International Law. A vote for Tian is a vote for the cultural relevance of traffic laws.

Relevant Experience

2000 - Present: County Council Member, Green Party of Santa Clara County. For much more on this, please visit tian.greens.org and click the pictures.

1993 - 1999 Environmental Working Group Co-Coordinator, Green Party of California.

1992 - Green Party Candidate, 5th Congressional district. Beat None Of The Above (NOTA) in the primary.

My Primary goal is to get as many votes as possible using sustainable technology,  volunteer efforts, and small contributions. We can win this race, but I need your help. Share this flier with a friend. Host a house party or invite me to talk somewhere. Put one of my stickers where a lot of people will see it. Get involved with this campaign!

If you have a story to tell, I can help get the word out via my website. I want to visit every active Green Group in California before the primary election, and put something about them up there. For these things to happen, I need lots of invitations. 

Please vote for Tian Harter on June 6th!

Send contributions to: Tian Harter for Senate, P. O. Box 391854, Mountain View CA 94039-1854.

Free sticker with donations of $2 or more!

Click here to download a one page printable version of the above flier.

Frequently asked questions:

Why am I running?

I'm running because I want to spread the word as widely as possible that we need to mend our fuelish ways. It's all about using that First Amendment "right to petition the government" to talk about the 2,000 lb. Elephant in the living room, that being the consumer lifestyle corporations advertise. Since the incumbent positions are so completely bought by the oil and car companies that they are treated like sacred cows in Washington, I'm telling people "we need to stop voting for oil companies at the gas pump!" I'm looking for opportunities to talk about it with anyone who wants to know more.

On the contested primary...

Many people have told me "the Greens don't give you a choice in the Primary." This time it's different. I'm the candidate saying "less filling station time!" I'm looking forward to finding out how my competitors are going to claim they are "more interesting."

By the way: To vote for me on 6/6/06 you must be registered with the Green Party of California by May 22nd, according to the Santa Clara County Registrar (deadlines could be earlier in other Countys). To register Green in time to apply for an absentee ballot you should probably send in your form by the begining of May. To register online click here.

What will you do if elected?

If I win the primary on 6/6/06, I'll spend the entire summer and fall being as visible as I can spreading green values. If I win in November I will rent an apartment near a subway stop in DC and live out my incumbency car free. I'd spend my days trying to persuade my colleagues that their votes have implications. I would work with nonprofit and peace lobbies in accordance with the Green Platform to get better legislative outcomes. I will press for the best transit infrastructure in the world instead of the most fuelish one, and I won't rest until we have it. I'll work to get more money for bike lanes and solar power on Federal building rooftops. I'll seek to cut the "Defense" budget in order to provide funding for the above without raising the deficit.

Are you pro choice?

Yes. I wrote a pro-choice statement during my '92 campaign, and you can read it by clicking here.

How do I find out more?

If you have a specific question, just email it to tnharter (at) greens (dot) org. I'll answer as soon as I can. If you want to get on my email list, send a short email to that effect to me at the same address.

What help does this campaign really need right now?

This campaign is over. It may have wanted people to do things back in the first half of 2006, but now it just wants to be an interesting read. If you enjoyed visiting this page, tell a friend about it.