Vote YES! on Proposition 82, so we can "tax the rich for childcare!"

Bob Alavi
Kalmran "Calm Ron" Alavi
Brian Barry (South Bay Mobilization)
Zack Beatty (Los Angeles Greens)
Marla Bernstein (Los Angeles Greens)
Halle' & Angela Blessing (
Barbara Blong (1994 GPCA U.S. Senate Nominee)
Carol Brouillet (Green Party Candidate, 14th CD)
Reverend Tom Brown (First Church of the Magi)
Maxine "Mica" Daniel
Ken "Kendy" Dickerman
Tom Dickerman (San Mateo County Peak Oil Discussion Group)
Don Eichelberger (GPCA, Green Issues Working Group)
Valerie Face
Mike Fischetti MD (County Council, Santa Clara County)
Greg Gerritt
Ellis Goldberg
Gerry Gras (County Council, Santa Clara County)
Bernard R. Greening
John J. & Evelyn Harter
Richard Heinberg (Author, The Party's Over & Powerdown)
Barry Hermanson (Green Party Candidate, 12th AD)
Vi Huynh
Arzhang Kalbali
Lark Kellner
Bob Kirby (Technology and Society Committee)
Amanda Kovattana (Blogger)
Dennis Kyne (San Jose City Council Candidate, Dist. 3)
Ruthie Loeffelbein, (County Council, El Dorado County)
Carol Maddox (Occupational Therapist)
William P. "Bill" Meyers (School Board, Point Arena)
Ross Mirkarimi (San Francisco's 5th District Supervisor)
Manual & Maria Mouk (Pacific Piper)
Alan Moore (Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace)
Tim Morgan (Sonoma County Green Party)
Albert Neiman (Visual Transformation)
Roy Norbloom
Anne & Phil Pflager (Musicians)
Gloria Purcell (County Council, El Dorado County)
Patrick K. Purcell
Yoshaany Rahm
Jane Rands (Green Party of Orange County)
Chuck Reutter (Green Party of Riverside County)
Ruth Robertson (Raging Grannies)
Eric E. Sableman Ph.D. (Bioengineer, Quaker Peace Activist)
Vida Shahamat (South Bay Mobilization)
Marc Salomon (San Francisco Green Party)
Cameron Spitzer (Green Internet Society)
Diana Stauffer (Green Party of El Dorado County)
Rosalie Steward
Dana St George (County Council, Santa Clara County)
John Stirton
Don Stockbauer
Lisa Taylor (Los Angeles Greens Volunteer Coordinator)
Cheryl Thomas
Jan Thoren (Abode Design Associates)
Tonia, Bryant, & Teresa Vaughn
Sylvia Warden
John & Gayla Wennstrom
Diamond Dave Whitaker (

Organizations listed for identification purposes only.