Each of the boxes that made up the podium had about 3000 signatures for the initiative in it.

This was more media than I usually see at an event.


Peter reiterated the basic talking points of the initiative (see above). Then he predicted that the fall campaign would be vigorously contested, mostly by developers that don't live in Santa Clara County. After that he answered some questions from the media. They wanted to know about polling, and he said that the testing he had seen projected the initiative had a good chance of winning. The only question I didn't hear him answer was "what are the names of your financial supporters?" He explained that he wanted to protect their privacy, but that their names would all be in the FPPC documentation as required by law.

Mary thanked everybody for their hard work.


The farmer explained that he had looked over the initiative, and it seemed like it wouldn't make farming in Santa Clara County any harder. He to is hoping it passes in November.

This guy works for Cindy Chavez, the San Jose City Council Member who is one of the front runners in the race for Mayor. He made the initiative sound like the greatest thing since they invented sliced bread.


Dave, another candidate for Mayor of San Jose. He also spoke highly of the good things the initiative would do.

Then Mary lead the procession of supporters carrying boxes of signatures into the Registrar's office.


The parade moved too fast for me to get everybody. There was a supporter for every one of the 19 boxes, and there were even supporters left over that didn't get a chance to carry anything in. I was one of those.

They were still adding boxes to the pile when I took this picture. Click the above to see the letter Mary was carrying.


I think Janice was telling Peter it would take a while to verify 60,000 signatures, but the Registrar's office would do it as quickly as they could. Peter was saying he needs the initiative to be on the Fall ballot, and he thinks they submitted way more than enough signatures.


After that we hung out and schmoozed for a while. A great time was had by all....