A couple of stops after I got on the light rail, they had to wait "while the President's motorcade clears the tracks". It was only a couple of minutes later that we passed Moffett Field, and I was able to take this picture of the President's private plane. It just seems like a waste of energy to me to have a guy be so important it takes a 747 to get him from here to there.


At the next stop this guy got on. He had seen the President's motorcade going by.

This is the crew that got off the train with me to go hang out in the free speech zone while the President is in the area. I remember a time when it seemed like I was the only one getting off the train at such an event.



Dennis Kyne and Cindy Sheehan showed up not long after I did.


Click the Iraq Veterans Against War supporter to see a copy of the flier she was handing out.

You can see more than half of the crowd at 1st & Tasman in this picture. There were enough people there that I figured I would have better luck working the crowd here than trying to get to the "free speech zone", which was a couple of blocks further down the road.





We thought that Bush was in one of those helicopters. Not long after they went by the crowd started to thin.


The big attraction was still Cindy Sheehan all the way to the end. It seemed like everybody wanted to talk to her. Check out the memorial to her son Casey on her ankle.


I met the guy in orange on the train on the way home. He said he puts something like 10,000 miles a year on his bicycle. He was on the train because his bike was in the shop that day.