Victoria Ashley wrote:

Dear Candidates,

I am a County Councilmember with the Alameda County Green Party and am starting to work on coverage of state candidate races for the 2006 Alameda County Green Party Voter Guide.
We are asking all candidates to submit 2 paragraphs of information about your campaign that you would like to see covered in the Voter Guide.  We will review the information and then use it to help us decide what to write.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Victoria Ashley

Tian Harter for Senate answer to the Alameda County questionaire:

I am a grassroots activist who has been beating my drum about the climate change issue for many years. I see walking the campaign trail as my way of exercising the First Amendment "right to petition the government for redress of grievences." The grievence I have is that our current way of life is unsustainable. The problem is the way we use energy, and the sollution is going to have to be changing our habits. This is why I tell everybody I can "DON'T BE FUELISH!" We need to stop voting for oil companies at the gas pump. My goal is to visit every Green group in California during this campaign to share my ideas with them. To find out more please visit

Before I became an activist I was an electical and software engineer for about twenty years. I saw the technology change dramatically, and I saw many jobs get exported. It was only near the end of that time I learned about the toxic waste plumes we had left behind in developing the industry. The basic problem was that the whole management structure felt that there were "more important things" than the environment and future. I still think a paradighm shift that changes this is key to a sustainable future. If elected I will not rest until we have a more sustainable society. A vote for Tian is a vote for that change!