Saturday Feb 8, 2020: Took all my clothes home from Virginia's. She's in the hospital in a coma, and I've seen enough of those to not expect her to recover. The path of her decline was simply too steep. Decided I didn't want to be there if she wasn't around. Just went by her house and got my stuff. They let me take all I could carry. The bike was so loaded I couldn't ride it on the way home. Had to walk it the whole way. Stopped several times to rest my arms and hands. That was an adventure in Quaxing!



So much is going on in the garden right now!


June 4th to 13th, 2019: Had a great time hanging with my siblings and going to my cousins 50th wedding anniversary party.

July 13th, 2019: Virginia and I went to the Heritage Orchard Sign Unveiling in Los Altos. Part of the ceremony was a rundown on how the city of Los Altos came to have a heritage orchard surrounding their city hall. It makes them unusual among american cities. All the "Save the Apricots!" activists were there. One of them gave out apricots for people to hold up. Unfortunately, I ate mine before the photo op. That's why I'm the guy in the bright yellow hat holding up an apricot pit.