July 12th, 2019: Virginia and I went to the Heritage Orchard Sign Unveiling in Los Altos. Part of the ceremony was a rundown on how the city of Los Altos came to have a heritage orchard surrounding their city hall. It makes them unusual among american cities. All the "Save the Apricots!" activists were there. One of them gave out apricots for people to hold up. Unfortunately, I ate mine before the photo op. That's why I'm the guy in the bright yellow hat holding up an apricot pit.

Many activists around a newly painted sign that reads LOS ALTOS HERITAGE ORCHARD

July 13th, 2019: I found the above picture and the following letter in my email.

Dear Friends:

I'm writing this to say a special thanks to each one of you who joined in the celebration of the new Los Altos Heritage Orchard sign on Friday evening. In this busy world, the investment of time is a powerful thing. Your efforts, your love, your letters, your support and your persistence helped save this lovely, Historic Landmark and made the celebration of its new sign possible.

We hoped we would get a crowd of twenty or thirty people. In the end, the crowd was so large we had trouble counting it. With the names on the sign-in sheet; the number of friends we know were there; and the faces (and tops of heads) we can spot in the photo, we have settled on a count of 79. That has to set a record for a sign unveiling in Los Altos!

There is still much work ahead. But, for a few minutes, we took time out to commemorate one of the most unique Landmarks in all of California. To each of you who were there and to those we know were there in spirit, I'm sending what we think is our best photo. It was taken by resident Roger Heyder who climbed atop my kitchen ladder amid all the fun and snapped this for posterity. Enjoy it and--like the spirit of the Orchard that once captured the imagination of Frank Lloyd Wright--feel free to pass it on.

With heartfelt thanks,
Robin Chapman