August 4th, 2019: Right now the raspberries are giving me a great snack every time I visit my garden.


Proud of all the big tomato bushes in my plot right now. The one between the kiwi and the grape probably should have been planted somewhere sunnier. The spot was great back then. The grapes were dormant, so they weren't throwing shade at all. That has changed since then. Doing great on the light it gets, thanks be to luck or something like that.

That tomato plant was given me by Shiloh from SVBC.

Getting handfulls of tomatoes every day off this bush! Sweet little orbs, perfect for popping in the mouth or savoring later at home.


The secret to having such a huge tomato plant is to plant as early as possible. For the first few weeks you're sweating bullets, because a freeze really will force you to start over. Turns out that climate change has meant I can now plant tomatoes two or three weeks earlier than I did last year. Plus they got lots of rain in the early part of the year. So happy to be getting two pounds of tomatoes every day, huge harvests to me.

The Kiwi is doing a year as an ornamental plant. Didn't get any flowers off either of the starts I tried to launch last winter.


That tomato and the cuke nearby were both gifts from Shiloh. The cukes are delicious! The tomato plant is only now starting to give me any crop. Haven't made up my mind yet on the fruit. Much more heirloom looking than the Costco tomatoes, so far they seem better for cooking than eating with cheese, mustard, and crackers.

The big tomatoes I get from this plant are delicious sliced with cheese and crackers. Maybe add some yummy mustard or a sprig of basil. Good in soup to.


Getting two or three cucumbers a week off this plant. Currently they are my favorite evening snack. Cut them up in thin slices and eat those like potato chips. Delicious just like that..

Getting good greens from that miniature bush, at least five or six leaves per week. Just add them to soup along with the tomatoes and some garlic I harvested a couple of weeks ago. More and more the soups I make have homegrown ingredients in them. Yumm!

That male kiwi cutting I started last spring is barely hanging on. I keep hoping for some good growth but at least it hasn't died.


Those tomatoes just look soooo goood!


That collard that I planted a year ago is finally going good. Good thing because the other one gave up!

The Arkansas Traveler is growing nicely now. Looks like I have blackberries in my future!

This is the smallest of the Shiloh tomatoes. It had trouble because I planted it in a less fertile spot which was also shaded by that pink rose bush. I got mad at the rose bush for shading the tomato and hacked it way back. The tomato has been growing way better since then!


That's the first substantial harvest I got from that one of Shiloh's tomato starts!