For weeks everybody had been talking about being at the Climate Strike the Friday before Greta Thunburg was scheduled to speak before the United Nations. Virginia and I decided to go to the version of the event that started at Diridon Station and then marched to San Jose City Hall.

When we walked out of the train station there was already a big crowd outside. Hundreds more than were getting off the train.


Wow! Boone is riding a tandem with his (new to me) girlfriend. That's news! He said he just got the bike a few days before up in Pleasanton.






By this time we had reached the plaza outside City Hall. In the background speakers were pointificating on a less than ideal sound system. As far back in the crowd as we were, most people were just talking among themselves and generally chewing over the situation.





Wish I could tell you what the speaker was saying, but all I remember is reading all the signs. For sure the sign makers understand a lot about what's going on.





















The climate crisis we have now was many years in the making. The links above (two right pictures) are among the better thought out ideas for making progress towards a more sustainable world I've seen lately.


My core belief is that we need to all take steps towards using less fossil fuels on an ongoing basis. If you know me at all, you know I can't stop talking about the problem. When I showed a rough draft of this page to Virginia she said "You need to include that picture I took of you talking to that guy at the end." He liked my stickers, having seen one earlier. Had to track me down, which is beyond most people. After I gave him the little speech I give everybody I can, he bought out the rest of the stash of MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS stickers I had on hand. Nice to meet someone that likes my work.