Tonia, John, and Elizabeth sit at a very nicely apointed table to eat together.

The church had a policy of "no pictures taken here", so I can't show you what happened at either the rehearsal or the marriage itself. However, after the rehearsal was over I did take some at the dinner where we got to know each other a bit. Click the picture above to check those out.

The newlyweds pose for the camera in very nice clothing in a very nice setting.   The newlyweds stand with the getaway vehicle, which has been decorated with JUST MARRIED in shaving cream and lots of danglies.

The reception was really nice.

A nicely carved wooden chest on a Persian carpet sits at the foot of a four post bed with a nice wooden end table in the background. There is an assortment of blankets on the bed.

After Dad and Evelyn headed out, we had four days to empty Dad's stuff out of the house he just sold. It was an experience.