Patsy poses with Lal and his family.  Tian holds Katie in Dad's kitchen.

By this time the shadows are growing long. It has been a busy day, and one by one the guests are saying their goodbyes.

The Party waiting for Dad and Evelyn to find out what we did to his car.   A rollerblader with a helmet on cruises through the scene.

After most of the guests had left, the rest of us gathered at the foot of the path to the front door to wait for Dad and Evelyn to come out and see what we had done to that car he must have spent $200 getting cleaned up so it would look good in long term parking while they have a great honeymoon.  To me it seemed like it took them forever to get out. It was like they were prolonging the moment by spending a million years on every sweet goodbye.

Dad sees what we did to his car with a look of horror on his face.  The newlyweds examine what we did to Dad's nice clean car.   Dad, Lal, and Aiden talk as the newlyweds prepare to drive off...

Dad's face usually has a reasonably pleasant look on it. That's the nearest thing to a "this is awful" look he's given anything in my presence for many many years. Probably more than half of my life, now that I think about it.  Everybody else enjoyed the moment immensely.
The newlyweds wave as they pass the camera going around the bend in the driveway.   The well decorated car shows its back to us as it departs.