Evelyn sits with her daughter and Daughter in Law.  Michael sits across the hall from where the picture of Evelyn and hers was taken.

Above are my father's new wife's kin at the begining of the rehersal dinner, before we all sat down to eat our first meal together. The woman in pink is her daughter in law Laura, the woman with zebra stripes is her sister Mary, the woman in the dark dress is her daughter Pat, and the guy is her son Michael.

Dad and Evelyn pose with all of the walking Grandkids.  Evelyns sister and her husband stand comfortably.

The kids were hungry, so they started eating almost immediately. We schmoozed for a while, getting to know each other a bit. All of Evelyn's family are deeply part of Virginia. Michael runs a sucessful printing business that he took over from his father, and had just returned from a business trip to Germany. His sisters are both professional environmentalists. All of them are quite sophisticated, and it was easy to enjoy their company.

Lal holding Aiden poses with Bryant holding Katie.  John and Elizabeth sit and talk while eating desert.

Lal and Bryant with their youngest children. Aiden, Lal's first, was born in late February. Katie, Bryant's third, was born just a couple of months ago.

Evelyn hold Aiden with a big smile on her face.   Dad talks with Evelyn's daughter in law.