Congressman Bliley chats with Michael.   Bill Camp talks to someone off camera while holding a videocamera.   Ester and Michaels wife talk.

Among the guests, the most distinguised was Congressman Bliley. He had been Evelyn's boss for many years when she worked in his Richmond office helping constituants.

Bill Camp was there to record the event for posterity. He also recorded my mother's funeral, so he is starting to feel like an old family friend.
Brandy and Aiden pose for the camera.  Lal holds Aiden, who seems to be enjoying it.   The wedding planner smiles for the camera.

Aiden was a trooper during the service. Here you see him threatening to raise a fuss. Brandy gave him to Lal, and almost immediately he calmed down. The guy definately likes his dad a lot.

This woman was the wedding planner. She did a great job of making sure all of the details of the ceremony went well.
Nora stands with a drink in a dark dress with big color splotches.  Two gezers schmooze.  People who used to work with Evelyn talk while the bartender waits for someone to need something.

Nora was a surprise guest to me. The last time I talked to her face to face was early in 1991. At the time we had been an item for years. I broke up with her because our long distance romance was using way too much fossil fuel to be sustainable. Maybe we talked a couple of times on the phone later that year, "that was really it" type conversations. Since then she has gotten married, had kids, and become more of a social worker than a nurse. Somewhere in there she had also broken her hips and forgotten how to walk. I gather learning how to walk again had been a rough experience for her.

I think these guys work with my father, declassifying old documents from the cold war time frame at the National Archives.

The couple with Micheal's wife were Evelyn's youngest coworkers when she was still working in the District Office.

Dad and Evelyn pose with the flower girls and ring bearers before cutting the cake.  Dad and Evelyn feed each other pieces of wedding cake.
The cake cutting ceremony was about the only part of the day when we all had to listen to speeches. Both Evelyn and my father talked glowingly about their futures together.