The first truckload of stuff we took out of Dad's house went to Evelyns. She had done a good job of deciding where stuff would go, so it all fit where she wanted it to. Then we filled around the furniture with boxes until the truck was empty. That took a while, because there were lots of boxes, but not enough that it wouldn't all fit into the space she had allocated. The experience gave me a lot more respect for her judgment.

The bright red paint in the background of the apotacary stands out against the pale wall.   Piles of boxes are visible behind a small desk with a Macintosh on it.   A Macintosh Performa sits on a small desk surrounded by nice old wooden chairs.

My mom's apothecary. She arranged china on those shelves. Sometimes it would be one set of things there, other times it would be something else. Now it sits in Evelyn's dining room. I wonder what she'll use it for...
Bryant, Tonia, and Katie pose for the camera in Dad's much emptier house.   Tonia and her daughters pose quickly in Dad's kitchen.  Teresa stands so you can read the FOR PERRY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT on her shirt.

After taking one truckload to Evelyns, we took the truck back to Virginia Beach and refilled it with stuff for my brother's place. Of course, before we could do that we had to decide what would go to whose place. This involved going around and discussing everything to make sure we had a clear idea who wanted it. Then we had to do a frantic amount of packing in nothing flat. Somewhere in that time frame I got my sisters family to pose for these pictures.

A videogame arcade with a sign that says POCKET CHANGE.

The job wasn't quite finished when I had to leave to come back to California. My brother in law dropped me at the Roanoke airport, where I had to connect with an airplane that was leaving just half an hour after I got there. I got up to the counter and they said "you can only take two bags with you for carry on." Because of that I checked the one with my dress clothes in it. I didn't think any more about it until I got to Pittsburgh, where I had to change planes for the transcontinental trip.

That was scheduled to be another stop with very little time on the ground in it. I took took this picture just after I landed, just for fun. When I got to the gate and checked in the agent told me that as a standby passenger I had to be wearing a button down shirt and long pants to get on the airplane. As somebody who had spent the day moving I was wearing a KFOG T shirt and shorts. I had planned to change when I got to the bathroom in Roanoke, but checking my bag had made that a bit difficult.

Luckily, they just happened to have a fully stocked Gap about a hundred yards down the jet way from the ramp. For some odd reason the woman there was very good at helping people in my predicament find just the right clothing quickly. $85 and ten minutes later, I was one of the last people to board the airplane, breathing heavily from running back and forth, and still tucking my new shirt into my new pants. It seemed a bit ironic to me that my pants pockets changed on the ground, not long after I took this picture.

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