March 5th, 2017: Another race with Virginia. This time I set a new record for speed, averaging 14 minutes 44 seconds per mile over the entire 5 plus mile course. After the finish there was a booth for TAJI 100, where they gave me this dog tag for walking 154.32 miles during February.

Nov. 17th, 2016: They gave out these buttons at the GPSCC meeting. The message was "We're switching from candidate activism to movement activism."


Happy Holidays from us!

Dec. 25th: I was surprised to find out my brother gave me a drone for Christmas.

March 20th: I got a zuchini start at Summer Winds on the way home from Virginia's. Got to my plot and decided that the tree collard has been there long enough. Ripped it out. Planted the zuchini start in the spot. Hoping the next week's forcast rain comes through to water that and the tomatoes I've recently planted. The soil is happy but not too moist. Thanks to the rains we have had so far. As you can see from the speckaling along the front edge of the concrete, it's starting to rain again.