Sept 23nd, 2018: Did Viva Calle with Virginia. It was the kickoff event for the car free streets celebration. I did it at a walk, averaging about 20 minute miles. Mainly that was because of my bad back. Virginia did it at closer to 12 minute miles. Turns out her friend Becky also had a bad back, so we walked trading stories and learning about each other. She's a mom with teenagers who was born in Redwood City and has spent most of her life in this area. Nice lady with a day job who is looking forward to her kids getting launched. The miles went by quickly.

October 2nd, 2018: Did the election officer training in Cupertino. That was an abbreviated refresher course for people that have done the job before, so we were done after a couple of hours work. At the end they gave each of us one of these pins to wear on election day.

Regarding the June statewide ballot, here is something about how I voted:

Lt. Gov: Gayle McLaughlin. It is a privilege to vote for an old friend like her. Please vote for Gayle McLaughlin!
Gov: Josh Jones. He was the only candidate I saw building a grass roots campaign and doing a good job as a candidate.
Secretary of State: Eric Ryberg. You might think based on my background that I would say Mike Feinstein, but I was talking to Mike on the phone one time and he asked me "Are you a Green Party activist or a green movement activist?" It rubs me the wrong way that he would think that was an "Either A or B" question. Can't vote for him for that reason.
Senate, Controller, Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner: Threw my vote away on some candidate that didn't win.
RM-3 Bridge tolls to pay for transit: Yes.
Prop 69: Yes.
Prop 71: Yes. I figure minor time delays are okay. That seems to be what this one is all about.
Prop 72: Yes. Getting everything you can out of the rain that falls on your property is wise in California. 


May 12th 2018 was all about biking Santa Clara County. To make a long story short, that was 95 miles of pedaling through beautiful places.

Sunday May 13th was Mothers Day brunch with Virginia' daughter and Silicon Valley Open Studios on the tandem.


4/20/18: It was fun being a honcho for San Jose Bike Party's Green Ride.

5/1/18: Got a nice email from someone that wanted me to look at this website. Seemed like good information on a topic we all care about.

5/9/18: After we talked on the phone Nassim made this great "postcard" out of my words. Couldn't resist putting the version above here.


Green shirts are on Tian & Virginia at the Go Green race start in Hellyer Park. Tian finished in a PR 3:27:17. We got about the same time.


New jersey from the San Jose Barracudas free jersey game.


August 5th: The microwave oven that inhabited the kitchen for many years made a loud noise and stopped cooking stuff a few weeks ago. Probably I got at least a dozen good years of cooking out of it. Took me a while to get around to ordering a replacement. Didn't want to get one from the same company, that one should have lasted a bit longer. Ordered this GE at Lowe's because they had bike parking for customers, unlike the other store around here that sells built in microwave ovens. It finally got here on Sunday. So happy to be able to heat water without warming the kitchen again!