Got there early. Took pictures of people with signs as the showed up, if they indicated it was okay.


By this time there were quite a few of us. Thank you Jack Owicki for the MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS picture.

There was a steady din of honking cars going through the intersection.



NOT ONE MORE had names by all of the pictures in her sign. Many of them I remembered from press coverage of their deaths. Click her picture to get some of the details.


Some were congregating in bubbles, like they were friends and shy about the rest of us.


Seemed like the Hood Squad all showed up at the same time. They had an air about them and many wore matching "HOOD SQUAD" logos.



East Palo Alto (EPA) is just over the county line from Palo Alto. I think it's the only majority Black city on the peninsula. For sure the roads there are much bumpier then the roads in Palo Alto.

The Hood Squad led us in some chanting. Stuff like "WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!" After a few minutes of that they called us into the intersection to "occupy the streets". People went along with it. After a couple of minutes there began a chorus of angry honking cars. I chickened out and headed for the sidewalk. I think it was Grannie Ruth who pointed out that some of that traffic was headed for the hospital. We wouldn't want to stop that, would we? I took this picture before her logic took hold.




And then this butterfly floated by...