I got roped into this virtual "Global Energy Race" by an ad on facebook. The corporate sponsor was Bimbo, whose baked goods I see in the local corner market all the time. Figured I've not done a race since the 408K back in February, so why not? This was the route I came up with. Basically it was "Out to the bay and back."

The signup sheet said you had to have a file to upload to prove you did this race. I took the above pictures and put them together. I took the picture in my kitchen, carried the camera and the watch out to the bay, took a picture and carried it back. You can see the edge of the bay in the middle picture. That's proof, right?

Turns out all I had to do was upload my time, 2:20:00. Then they gave me this cool certificate and put my name on the finisher list.

Yup. I came in 3512th. I was happy because I finished without hurting anything. The results went on for another page or so below me.

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