Walking to the protest I found that someone had painted some variation on this graphic on every block of the street at least a couple of places. Part of spreading the word about doing your part to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.


The George Floyd memorial was near the steps to city hall plaza.

Got there early. Took pictures of people with signs as the showed up, if they indicated it was okay.




Beyond the sign wavers around me, there were drivers that rode around the block honking and waving when they got back around to our side again. This one had a sign that said "Unite against racism!"





REMEMBER MY NAME had many names of the fallen on her sign. Some of them I remembered from press coverage of their deaths. Click her picture to get some of the details.





By this time people were disappearing. It was time to go.

It was dark by the time I got to the train tracks. Had to wait for a coal train to go by before I could continue on.