For my dad, this was his first Green Party of California meeting since 1994, when he spent some time at one I was on the host committe for. After I took this picture of the two of them, Stephanie gave him her flier. That made him her first customer of the day.

This was in the atrium of the building where we held the meeting. I remember looking at it and thinking "I like public art."




After the meeting I walked out the front door of the building to find out that there was a great Latino festival going on across the street. It's hard to beat that for convenience as a networking opportunity. What I noticed more than anything else was how nice everybody I talked to was. The day before somebody had told me there was a peace demonstration there, but I had been to busy to see that.

In the Herbst Theater a block away a citizens commission was having a big presentation about 9/11. They explained a number of questionable things about the event in some detail, and mentioned that there are many other questions that deserve a fuller investigation. Some of the ones I caught: Why did it take more than an hour to get fighter jets into the air after they knew the planes had been hijacked? Why does the hole in the Pentagon look too small to have been made by a jumbo jet? Why does it seem like an incredible coincidence that a lot of the first response networks that were supposed to step in were involved with a simulated emergency at that time? There were quite a few activists in the audience, so maybe the event will really feed the dump Bush contingents fervor.