Above are the main presenters at the Green Issues Working Group meeting. From left to right their issues are GMO Free Agriculture, Health Care for All, and Corporate Personhood. I wish I could share their names with you, but I was fading at the time. You can tell by the trouble I had getting good pictures of the left two. (Note to organizers: Please make speakers stand in a well lit spot so we can take good pictures with available light.) The reason I can give you more detail on the Corpoate Personhood issue is because I attended that breakout session. I'm sure the others were good to.

The guy on the left is organizing non-citizens, using a membership organization model. During the Q&A part of the session I said "A guy from the Sierra Nevada told me 'there are three ways you can vote. You can vote in the ballot box, you can vote at public meetings, and you can vote in the marketplace with your greenbacks.' What we need are more people not voting for oil companies by getting less gas." He responded with a simple "OK."

This is a small subset of the buttons available at the San Mateo County table in the lobby.