We listened intently to Matt Gonzalez. He started by talking about that line we had used during the campaign about "waking the sleeping giant". He said the real sleeping giant we roused was the status quo, and they are not into it at all. He said we need to continue to bring nonvoters into the system, but we also need to think about how we are going to get majorities to vote for us, because that is what it takes to win elections.

Notice that to the left of Stephanie is the right edge of Kevin McKeon's shirt. They talked over lunch. Later he told me "six months ago I gave her a list of things she needed to do to be a candidate for office, and now she has done them." He was pleased with her progress. I told him that she is very popular in Mountain View.


This guy is an American Hairless Terrier, one of the more unusual breeds. The guy that knows this dog well told me there are about 200 of these dogs living on this planet at this point in time.

After the talk some people went to another plenary session, other people went to other meetings, and the rest of us did other things. These guys stayed in the lunch room for a while talking.