March 27th, 2020: They were replacing the Wells Fargo driveway with more sidewalk when I was walking that way to see Virginia in the hospital. Didn't take a picture then, but this is how it turned out!


March 2, 2020: Thinking about the primary ballot right now. For President Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry. Yeah, she is amazingly good at turning the slightest insult into a race issue, but she means well and puts in honest effort. The other names on that list mean nothing to me. For County Council: Everybody but Nassim. Don't ask me why. Congresscritter: Rishi Kumar. State Senator: Sally J. Lieber. State Assembly: Kennita Watson. 13: NO! D: NO! G: NO! H: yes. T: NO!





So much is going on in the garden right now!

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February 14th, 2020: I think the coin came in my change from the corner store. I say "I think" because it's hard to tell that coin from all the other old quarters! It was either that one or the other one that was already on the floor when I dropped it. Anyhow, the power summary is what I'm really about in this picture. Not only was I pulling down on the average, I'm even pulling down on the best fifth. Feeling proud of that!

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          superimposed on an Illinois Central Train and a Sente PC

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