November 14th, 2016: Cranksgiving was yesterday. Cranksgiving's a scavenger hunt type game. The idea is to turn in as much food donation to charity as you can carry on your bike. At the beginning they give you a page of places to shop, grocery stores as near as half a mile and as far away as ten miles. It's competitive, with prizes for the winners in categories such as speed, cargo hauling, and other. You could help your score a lot by doing things like doing selfies with sharks fans (25 lbs. food credit on your score). The net effect was a bunch of bicyclists buzzing around the area buying all the pasta, canned chile, and tuna fish. It all turned into a huge volume of stuff in a coffee shop. A great time was had by many. I didn't take many pictures because I was really busy moving forward my teams (Virginia and I) score. That was my big food donation to charity for the holidays. Here is a picture of our bikes taken just before we headed from the last store to the finish line.

Not long before the November 8th election: I'm working on that "How to vote?" question. California has a record 17 voter initiatives. Figuring out how to vote feels like being a legislator. Here is a cheat sheet if you're wondering who cares about what:

So far I'm yes on 59 and 67; no on 65. Yes on V in Mountain View. Jill Stein/Baraka Ajamu (Green Party) at the top of the ticket. Mourning the lack of Greens on the lines of other races and blaming top two for that.


October 13th, 2016: I installed this sticker on my beater bike and took the picture while listening to public radio. They said "Bob Dylan just won this year's Nobel Prize for Literature." Yup. I saw him live here in Mountain View. Too bad it was back before I got good with my camera. I'd have taken pictures like I did when the Dixie Chicks came around if I could have. It's still true that Helium is an inert gas.




Thomas L. Friedman definitely gets it on how deep and systemic the problems with consumer culture are. Hot, Flat and Crowded explains a lot of the problems and puts them in perspective very well. I think his rose colored glasses obscure his view in some ways, but that's a minor bone to pick. For sure he's collected a lot of stories that are worth reading into his narrative. Yes, they do add up to a real need for change in the United States. Reading it, I was glad to see evidence of a journalist with mainstream pull "getting it."


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