July 4th, 2017: We marched with the Rose, White, and Blue parade through the Rose Garden area of San Jose. Had a great time and gave out lots of little Green Party fliers.



May 22nd, 2017: Kind of amazed that VISA would rent the outside surface of a whole Caltrain to advertise that they're opening an office in Palo Alto.




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Tuesday July 25th, 2017: I'm feeling like both of these stories tell of people that represent unfunded mandates for local governments. A mandate to provide good water, sewer, and roads for those honorably discharged veterans with physical lives and UPS delivery addresses. Okay, so the robot cars just need roads, WIFI, and gas stations. I'm hoping the veterans do it all by bicycle. That way they're a force multiplier for good citizenship. The revolution will not be motorized!

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