May 21st, 2021. Bike Party had our first real ride since February of 2020. It was so good to ride with 1476 of my closest friends!


May 4th, 2021. Sold that silver Globe for the asking price of $200.


March 1st, 2021. Every year lately Taji 100 is a must do for me. Glad to say I got the 147.6 miles I wanted this year.

March 16th, 2021. Sad to report the USA's national debt is now above $28 Trillion. Some of us remember when it was a small fraction of that number.

April 7th, 2021. So happy my garden is waking up from its winter slumber.

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Oct 8th, 2021: Got that "Crossing the Delaware" quarter and some other change for a MEND YOUR FUELISH WAYS sticker. Fascinated by how much it resembles the art on the New Jersey quarter. The new one on the left is likely a more historically accurate picture of what happened than the one that hangs in the U.S. Capitol, and is portrayed on the right.

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