This website is an effort to share my search for happiness with other people. It is a large maze of pictures and words, and if you hunt around you are bound to find something interesting sooner or later. Click the pictures to see what is behind them, scroll when you feel like it, and maybe you will find an enjoyable echo of my bliss. Use the back button on the control panel when you find a dead end.

June 18th, 2015: While I was putting this picture up I was listening to NPR talking about Pope Francis's (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) big announcement on the climate change issue. Sounds to me like he's saying "everything's connected to everything else", as my Dad would put it. He's also saying we need a moral and practical response to this issue. Amen Brother!

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      TASC superimposed on an Illinois
          Central Train and a Sente PC board.  


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