I'm excited by all the flowers on my Kiwi plant. They mean fruit on it are only months away if I'm lucky!


Monday February 8, 2016. In keeping with my tradition of putting a picture of the national debt up again every time it crosses another trillion dollars, here's proof that it's happened again. This time I went through the change in my pocket to see what the farthest apart Presidents I could find there were, chronologically speaking. The oldest was easy, George Washington, the first. They had high expectations for the Presidential dollar coins back then, so they made a lot of them. It's still the most common one of the series. He retired from the job in 1797. The newest turned out to be James Garfield, who held the job for a while in 1881. He was one of the ones that didn't complete even one term.  


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July 14th, 2016: From 1984 until last week this was the key to my mailbox. The association where I live finally got talked into upgrading our mailboxes by the Postal Service. The new ones are flat so they can put 8.5 by ll inch letters in them without any folding. Probably holds way more mail in a bit less space. One great new feature is an outgoing mail slot. That's going to save me some walking with outgoing mail! The other great new feature is a big mailbox they can put parcels in when it's just a little to big for the mailbox. Hoping I get as many happy years out of the new key as I got out of the old key.

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