February 8th, 2017: On a typically not very rainy day I got about three quarter of an inch of rain. That's good compared to recent years!


January 20, 2017: Yup. We got a new President. In his inaugural address he promised to "transfer power from Washington DC to the American people." Feel empowered yet?

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Sunday March 26th, 2017: Finished the San Francisco Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in 3 hours, 41 minutes and 12 seconds. Proud of that. The day before I'd picked up my shirt and race bib at the expo at Pier 35. One of the things in the packet they gave me was a bag of Pop Corners chips. The morning of the race, headed for the starting line, I was hungry. Found the chips and ate them. Sweet and salty, with overtones of popcorn flavor. Quite delicious. I was in a good mood when I noticed the above across the top of the bag. I looked at the address on the back, and it was nothing familiar to me. Ended with "Liberty NY 12754". Whatever, they gave my new personal record a rebellious quality.

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