May 2nd, 2018: Found that Frederick Douglas quarter in the trunk of my beater bike when I was rehabbing it for riding again. Must have been there a while, but it's the first time I really looked at the thing. Find it fascinating that both DC quarters have the names of the guy represented on them.

The picture above was taken on 10/21/08. The ones below are mostly older.

We held the Green Party Nominating Convention in Wisconsin, and the slogan on the T Shirt I got there was "FORWARD 2004!" Since then, every time I've seen "FORWARD" used in a slogan it gave me that "we are moving forward together" feeling.

The Spanish missions in Florida are something like a hundred years older than the ones in California, which is one of the reasons many of ours are tourist attractions and most of theirs are gone. My cousin in Florida said "the spirit of Florida is a jumble of old and new". Looking at their quarter, with a sailing ship and the space shuttle, it captures that feeling.

The truth comes out...