Sue was tabling for the Green Party of San Francisco. Usually at events in San Francisco I know the Green Party is in the house when I hear Sue with her bucket pitching "Give a buck to the green party. We don't take corporate donations! It's up to you to support us." It wasn't hard to get her to shake down a few volunteers for the camera. Later on I saw her doing it for real. I hope somebody out there learns from her example. Nobody knows more about who supports the Green Party of San Francisco than Sue.


The afternoon started with the latest episode in Cat's battle to make GPUSA more democratic. We had to vote on our "current state" on the role of national politics. Click her picture for the front page of that ballot.


Then we had three candidates running for Liason to Secretary of State. Jane Rands gave a speech so short my camera didn't have a chance to wake up. One of them didn't show up, so the comedy around how it worked out was splendid. Nativo Lopez played a fascinating role in that.

Then it was time for the LA thing. You only have to look at that long line of people waiting to talk about it to know we spent a lot of time on the subject.


I had to sit near this billboard on the BART going home. I thought I'd pass on the experience to you. WolfBatGirl tells me there is a stealth Christian organization behind it. I think she said "focus on the family".

I asked her if I should take it down and she said "we do need awareness on what the religious right are up to. They are a very powerful political force these days, way more organized sadly then those of us on the left. I've been reading up on them ("The Jesus Machine" by Dan Gilgoff, "Kingdome Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism by Michelle Goldberg, and "American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America" by Chris Hedges) and its pretty scarey. The Bush administration has been re-channeling a lot of money their way into faith based charities and they are real intent on overturning Roe v Wade and supressing any efforts towards legalizing gay marriage. They've been regrouping since 1989 when the Moral Majority felt a set back and they have been at it ever since." As you can see, it's still there.

Bright and early the next morning, we started up again...


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