Since I had my camera with me I took pictures of a lot of the views I enjoy along the bike trail.


The weather was perfect. The air quality was good enough.

On the way back this water fountain was something I was grateful to see. On the outbound leg it was just a nice sight.

There are long stretches where walking on the levee is quite rural feeling, if you ignore the cranes changing things.

That golf ball Google is building detracts from the natural feel for sure.

I asked the guy dredging the creek what he was doing. He explained that he was making it deeper and wider so if flooding happened it would hold a lot more water. I gather they do that every few years or something like that. Always more silt coming down from the hills there.

Not sure if I like the freshly dredged creekbed or the golf ball less. Pretty sure the creek will look normal in a year. The golf ball, on the other hand, will be around for a while.

The turn around was at the other end of that straight segment. Along here in the afternoon there is always a strong inland breeze coming off the water. We call it the "bay breeze". Sometimes it's so strong that I can really feel a difference when I tuck down into the drops riding my road bike.

See the low spot where the trail goes right by the water? That was my planned turn around point.

Just got there, took this picture to prove it, and started back.

The illusion that you're in an unspoiled marshland is ruined by that google golf ball. It's at least twice the apparent size of every other building you can see from near the bay.


This was Microsoft's very nice Bay Area Office before they tore it down. I think the new one is the new improved Microsoft Bay Area Office. Looks bigger and nicer then the previous version.

There are still ducks and wading birds foraging in the creek. It's still nice and quiet for several long stretches.


I was tired when I got home. That was more miles than I'd done on foot for ages, visitor #130 .