The text on the left stone reads CRADLE OF LIBERTY. There is a plaque near this statue that explains the child's name is Liberty, and that the soldier has no name because he represents every soldier who is willing to take a cut for his country, regardless of gender, race or creed. The rocks under the statue came from some of the most hallowed battlefields of American history. The statue was dedicated July 4th, 1998.

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"What's a Buck?" Let us contemplate this together.

On one hand, Ceasar Rodney is stuck between a rock and a hard plastic P47D nose cone.

On the other hand, soft is nestled comfortably on a Georgia peach.

The vermillion plastic coin on the green bottle is a Missouri Tax Token.

The money in the background has no cash value.

The Delaware chicken feathers are from my sister's hens.

The blue and purple monkey's spring broke on 11/9/00 just before 9:11 PM.