The coin on the left is a 1788 Massachusetts cent. They made it before the U.S. Treasury took over making change from the States.

In Massachusetts, from the revolution until the 1960's, the qualification for voting was payment of the poll-tax - which was always $2.00. I suspect this has touched American Democracy in many ways.

Tim Holt was the editor of The Suttertown News for the whole time that newspaper existed. His book contains some of the editorials that made Sacramento a special place.

When I met Erin Brockovich on Thursday November 16, 2000 I gave her a Virginia quarter.

The message of her speech that night was that every one of us can be both a moral and an environmental leader.

In honor of the free trade agreement between Mexico and Israel,

I balanced one each of their coins on the bill of my favorite baseball cap.

Both coins were given to me by people I knew in Orange County, CA.