April 20th. Trust me when I tell you this wasn't the only flower I smelled that day.


I took this picture while crossing the last bridge over a freeway on the way to bike party. By this time the sun was going down and the numbers of other riders also headed for the start of bike party's Sharks Ride was going way way up. It was already clear that this ride would be well attended! I started taking bike party pictures and going with the flow.



The weather was perfect for a bike ride with a few thousand of my closest friends. It was a nice, nice evening.



Eeek! A man eating shark!



I only noticed one great white shark, but there were lots and lots of sharks to be seen.












Thank you Tanner for a well managed, well planned, and deeply enjoyable Bike Party!





Mona's fruit is awesome! I get another cup of the stuff every time I see them. It was especially sweet to end 4/20's ride with fruit from spot 420. Yum!