At just about 4:20 PM I ate a leafy green out of that tub of spring greens from Safeway. It tasted about the way lettuce usually does. Pretty sure I wasn't the only one that consumed plant matter during that time frame. Anyhow, we had a nice bird meal event. At about the right time we all got on our bikes and started on our rasta preride to the Sharks Bike Party.

The theory was that we would visit about half a dozen different cannabis clubs. Unfortunately I got lost not that far into the ride, so I just followed the directions past some interesting roads and so forth. Maybe I saw a couple of the cannibis clubs, but that was about it.

I took this picture because I was in an amazingly bleak and industrial landscape. Very clean and well maintained, but nothing to see but a freeway, a fence and a row of bushes, some asphault, and this huge tan building with a loading dock.

..1753 ..

This one shows the view from the top of the overpass for cars and bicycles over the Caltrain tracks near Belarmine. I think that's the team that sports field on the left is for.


What a coincidence! At that time the credit price for gas at Moe's matched the area code where the picture was taken.