Thank you Dr. BooBle for the artwork of this ride!

Virginia and I led this one. We got our names on the road runner list last year. We picked a theme and said the route would be "somewhere on the peninsula." We thought about where we wanted the ride to go. Googled directions between places on light rail to figure out distances. Finally we had a plan that was ready for discussing. Showed it to Brian Nagar. He thought it was a good idea. Showed it to Jonathan King. He suggested going around the loop the other way for more right turns. Adopted that plan. Finally we had a route that was ready for testing.


In the end we did four test rides. During the first one we learned a few things that made us redo the route quite a bit. The second one we found out we have the right idea. After that the test rides were all about making sure that everybody who wanted to see the route ahead of time and/or exercise riding with bike party had a chance. Enjoyed riding all four test rides.


The other thing we had to do was attend a meeting to talk about last minute details like where to put the food trucks and dance floor. Then it was onto figuring out what to wear and making spoke cards and getting the tandem ready. Finally it was on to the actual event.


At first I was going to do the kind of stuff I always do before the ride. Started looking for on theme images to capture. After taking just a few pictures I got called away to deal with something very important. Getting names on the signup sheet to bird corners or something like that. I wanted to make a point of starting on time and we did it. Thank you Roy for leading the charge!


Once we got rolling I kept myself to steering the tandem. All of the moving pictures here were taken by Virginia from the back seat.

Yup. Bike party still waits for the light to change like good law abiding citizens.

Heard later there were about five hundred riders with us that evening.



Nobody was there to direct people into the parking lot for regroup #1, so I did that until there was enough bicycle lighting and party atmosphere coming off the lot that it was obvious where we were to latecomers.



There was some dressing to the theme and so forth, but most people just showed up with a "420 man..." party attitude and green thoughts.


I put green spray on hair color on my hair and beard, but it wasn't easy to see the results. The can promised loud green, but it worked out to a mild (almost invisible) green tinting. When I took a shower later the suds that fell off my head were green though.


Virginia's brother and his daughter and her husband joined us for the ride. Gianna said things like "We didn't realize how big this party is." I gather they are going to do it again. Sounds good to me.

In the pre ride discussion on facebook I explained that "Since green has something to do with commerce, we'll be riding through three historic peninsula downtowns during the ride." The first was Los Altos, which we got to not long after the first regroup.





The second was downtown Mountain View, which we got to just before the second regroup.

















Our last downtown was Murphy St. in Sunnyvale. All these years later, I still think it's funny that "Murphy's Law" is a bar there. You can see it just to the right of my helmet.






Virginia said that the guy on the big wheel told her he did the whole ride on it. That has to be a feat of strength!