For me, the big event of the Green Party of California December '05 Statewide meeting was handing out copies of the flier you can see by clicking above to everybody that was even remotely interested in taking one. It was my way of throwing my hat in the ring as a contestant for the Senate nomination. The response was good. Now all I have to do is follow through and get my name on the ballot. Then it really gets interesting. As I type this, there are two other names in play for this office, and I don't know much about those campaigns...


I think Ross Mirkarimi, the 5th District Supervisor (and Green Party member) in San Francisco was the only elected Politician that I saw speak at the kickoff rally for San Francisco's Peace March on Saturday September 24th. (I'm told that Barbara Lee spoke at the  rally in Washington DC, and had a representative read the same speech here.) Answering the question "Why are you here", he said that feeling the way he does about this war and this administration, he had a moral obligation to be there. He wasn't the only one. See my pictures of his fellow travelers by clicking somewhere in his picture above.


By far the biggest piece of news I heard at the GPCA meeting in Sylmar on 5/22 was that Matt Gonzalez could run for Congress next year. A few days later I talked to Julia (a San Franciscan I know well enough to break bread with), who told me "Matt Gonzalez can't beat Nancy Pelosi." She thought having him run for one of the open State Assembly seats that serves the Haight (she didn't know which one of two was his) would be interesting. Now I'm thinking we need a "MATT GONZALEZ FOR ASSEMBLY" campaign, just to make sure he thinks about the idea.

There was a special election in Oakland earlier in the year, and Aimee Allison ran in it as a Green. Click here to go to her site.

Aimee Allison stands in front of a bush, to the left of her supporters who wave "Aimee Allison for City Council" signs. The picture was taken on Grand Avenue in Oakland.

Ross Stands by the door of his new office in San Francisco City Hall.