Cestillio was the only hiker that I managed to get a picture of arriving at the picnic area. The problem was that after I snapped this picture my camera spent a year recording the picture on the disk, and then everybody had passed me.

The next thing that happened when we reached the picnic area after the hike was everybody lined up for food.


Jeff led the hike. He also picked the location and did a lot of the setup work that made the event possible. Many thanks to him, Gerry and Dana. On the hike, we walked around the Palo Alto Baylands, going almost to Shoreline Park in Mountain View. It was many miles of beautiful baylands.

Arlen is waving to you.

Cameron inspects the camera.


Lots of pleasant discussion of things that made people smile.


Lia brought Gabriel, her very cute young daughter.  Eve and Steve brought Ben, the young guy in the tie dye and cap between Valerie and Stephanie.


Gerry ate with the San Mateo County Greens. Sitting next to him in the purple shirt in the left picture is Brian, who rode down to the meeting on his recumbent bicycle, which he was letting people take rides on after we ate. Stephanie said it took her a minute to get used to it, but once she did it was fun to ride. Gerry also had good things to say about that experience.

Jo Chamberlain (in the middle of the right picture), was the only one there on the ballot for a partisan office. She is running for State Assembly. Behind her is Jonathan, her husband and webmaster. Not shown is Jean, who is Arlen's wife. She was sitting across from him, except when I was taking pictures.

Santa Clara County Greens (mostly) chowing down on the great food. Fred is the one in the white hat, to the left of Cestilio and Jessica. The redhead on the other side of the table is Rudy's daughter's husband's sister. Unfortunately, Rudy is not visible because he is behind her. Also not shown are the two buckets of organic plums that Rudy grew in his back yard and handed out at the picnic.

Two of us (The SCC Greens) came by bicycle. Tian was one. The other bike is Gerry's. Not shown are the recumbent bikes that two of the SMC Greens rode down.

Unfortunately, this was the only picture of Dana I got, here in the orange as we assembled for the group picture. The guy on the right , Dave, is an important part of the Friday Evening Peace Vigils in San Jose. He did the whole hike and is a great conversationalist.

Warner was with us in spirit.