Let me tell you some of the reasons I like this picture. I picked the amerinth myself from the back yard of a friend in Alameda County. I had to reach as high as my arm can reach to pick it. The WIN NOTHING INSTANTLY! has been in my possession since the late 1990s. I got it while I was working at AOL. The dog is from Global Beads in downtown Mountain View. I would have put that store on my site, but the woman behind the counter said no. The envelopes in the background were given to me by the Green Party of California. Jo Chamberlain was the person that told me it was OK to use them. The state is on top of the ecosystem stamp because I like VT. 147 is a number I like. The mailing is just another minor step on the way toward real green power in California.

I put it together on the evening of 9/19/2002, after a busy day of activism. I delivered 12 lawn signs. I walked some of the houses in precinct 2608 with my friend Dana for Jo Chamberlain. I talked to the candidate herself this morning. She told me that on one of our previous outings we had "impressed her Republican rival by leaving her flier on his doorstep."

Jo Chamberlain is running for State Assembly in California's 19th District.That is mostly in San Mateo County, although some of it is the outer edge of San Francisco County. Walking for her is an out of County experience. Today I told her about talking to Patty Marsh the previous day in Berkeley. Patty had told me that the Berkeley Greens are soon going to put out a press release announcing they are the second biggest party there. She said they are the second city in California where this has happened.

Arcata was the first place where the Greens got bigger than the Republicans. I remember going there for the statewide Green Party Meeting in the Summer of 1997. I still have a videotape of the event that ran on Good Morning America where there is a cut of a city beaureaucrat picking up one of the Climate Change reports my father made for me. It is the only piece of film I have run across the national stage at this point in time.

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