Steve gets a hug from Stephanie.   Stephanie stands behind a sign that says "Empathy, Expertise, Excellence Vote for Stephanei" with Fred to her right.

Most of Stephanie's time on the stage was spent saying nice things about the work people had done for her campaign and having them come up and accept a Stephanie Schaaf T shirt. We all clapped for each of them. Steve was Stephanies strategic czar, being a Mountain View insider.

Bruce being acknowledged by Stephanie.   Mike looking at his cool new shirt.   Stephanie kissing Raphael.

Bruce was her lawn sign organizer, and also gave her advice as a previous candidate for City Council. Mike opened his home for the precinct walkers and did a lot of other things, little and big. Raphael was her long suffering significant other, so he got a kiss to.

Stephanie and Tian smile for the Camera.   Valerie goes up to get a Stephanie T shirt.

Valerie and I were the last two to be acknowledged, and Stephanie said some very nice words about our work.

Apologies to Ken and Sara, I seem to have missed out on photographing their trips across the stage. Sara helped with a lot of mailings. Ken was probably Stephanie's most visible supporter, going to many forums with her. Pat, her treasurer had to leave before this part of the evening. I hope he got one of the shirts.