Jan. 12, 2020: Did Hot Chocolate 2020 with Virginia. We did even worse than last year, when we got cut off at the Great Highway turn around. This year she was having trouble breathing, and we were even slower. We got turned around even earlier! Not going to brag about my time, but grateful to the organizers for having a graceful way to suffle us slow fogies into the post race party before it was over.

Jan. 9, 2020: Swapped out the flimsy idea of a tire (10 oz. gumwall so thin it's translucent) that came with my new bike for something more substantial, a Schwalbee Marathon Plus (26+ oz. of solid black rubber with a reflective stripe). Yeah, the marathon weighs in a full pound heavier, but I get very few flats rolling on that. Not only that, but I'm a whole lot more visible in headlights. Totally worthwhile upgrade to the bike!