This is the list of Candidates on the ballot that I have to pick from when I decide how to vote.


I think it's funny that you have to read past an Indian, an educator, and a film writer to get to the name of the guy the Democrats actually say is running. I could only fit their candidates down to the Green into the frame at a reasonable type size. They had three times that many I chopped out. The Republicans were almost as confusing. For contrast, the same size area on the right side of the ballot almost holds four political parties, banner headlines included!

I have no idea why none of the women running are running as Greens... wrote:

Nohbody wrote:

You inspired me. Below is the list of candidates on my ballot whose websites passed the "click to see if it exists and passes very minimal criteria" test. Much more interesting than most such exercises I've been through. For California politics, this is as good as it gets!

Here is fairly unreal Republican.


Standing up for singles!

Other Republicans

Here is a Reform Party Candidate:

Green Party Candidates:


Here is a Natural Law Party Candidate:

Libertarian Party:


An Artist for Governor. Vote Blue!

Another Artist for Governor. Vote Pink!

Democrats. What can I say? "Campaigning to make a fun documentary about it!" * The famous thong underwear Candidate. "

An American Independant Party Candidate

The candidate is not campaigning. It's just another Davis....

If I missed anybody you care about, please let me know...


>And even some of those not of the world.



Calm Ron writes:

Hi Tian,

This guy , your "fairly unreal Republican" is in the toastmaster chapter I attend.

I did not know he is a republican though. He is 29 and is fairly intelligent and funny. Everyone else in there is a Republican.

Amazingly, though, one of them, a real estate broker no less, is a leading advocate of the homeless in the most reactionary town you ever see: Manteca.

Manteca is where there are lots of out of whack editorials and worse letters to the editor. There was a guy who said if SIKH's want to avoid discrimination they ought to shave their beards, get rid of their turbans and convert to christianity or any consequence is their own fault. And many upstanding citizens supported that.

Both Kevin Richter and Sid Reams, the mentioned RE broker are from Manteca.

In case you did not know Manteca means lard in Spanish.

With just under two weeks to go in the campaign, the big televised debate featured five candidates! It was a big deal for me that one of them was Peter Camejo, the Green Party's choice. Click the picture above to see my overview of what it looked like.