The first thing I saw on Sunday morning was the guy from the Westside Greens turning people on to more sustainable transportation alternatives, specifically this ALL ELECTRIC scooter. I took a ride to. It was very silent, with a top end on the speedometer of 35 MPH. I didn't get it up to that, having only the parking lot and walkway to work with, but it wouldn't have been hard with an open road. The thing had plenty of pickup. Everybody finished their ride with the kind of smile you can see on Camejo's face.


This was the strategy session for 2006. Mike was vigorously encouraging people to look into getting candidates for State Assembly. Click the picture to read the follow up email he sent out just after the event.


Somebody saw these two talking and urged me to take their pictures. At the time they were both Candidates for Treasurer of the Green Party of California.

I think Cat and Forrest were leading the discussion about internal democracy when I took this picture. They didn't want to narrow the subject to LA issues, but since the LA issue had been pulled from the Agenda because a lot of LA people hadn't come back for Sunday there was nowhere else on the program to bring them up.


In any case, there were lots of people that wanted to contribute to that discussion.

Kenny Mostern running for Treasurer. Mike Wyman, the other candidate, campaigned mainly by making a flier and buttons. Kenny just gave this speech. He talked about helping some candidates get exposure in the central valley, wanting to see the Green Party move forward by helping candidates run, and asked people to vote for him. Mike's speech was much more forgettable.


From the entire weekend Linda's skit during the open mike session that preceded lunch was the funniest. She did imitations of all of the people that usually spend time on the stage. Her ear for accent is quite good, and her eye for detail captured the essence of what was funny about many of us. She sounded like a Venezualen-American when she brandished Peter Camejo's FAIR TAXES chart, and a Republican when she put on her red coat to do Jo Chamberlain. Thank you Linda!

Lunch was good organic food, served on reusable china. Thank you host committee!


As always, there was lots of talk around me everywhere I went...