Dear all

Below are a series of links to information to help us analyze which
races we want to contest in 2006.

Included are links to

- Current Green Party voter registration, by legislative district

From this page, we can review and quantify how strong we are by voter
registration, in each legislative district.

- Comparison, by county, of past GPCA results for statewide offices
(President, U.S. Senate, California constitutional offices) and Green
voter registration, from 1994-2002

- Past CA Green election history, on U.S. Green elections web site

- Likely candidates for the Democrats and Republicans in 2006, for state
legislative and state constitutional office, a list of open seats and
incumbents, and an analysis of which districts are 'safe' and which only
'lean' one way or another

I originally posted these links to this list on March 19th and repost
them below again now.

* Governor

* Lt. Governor

* Secretary of State

* Controller

* Treasurer

* Attorney General

*  Insurance Commissioner

*  Superintendent of Public Instruction (statewide, but not partisan)

*  State Board of Equalization

*  State Assembly

*  State Senate

Overall, there are

80 seats up for State Assembly

34 of which are open seats
20 are in 'safe Democratic districts'
  4 are in 'leaning Democratic districts'
10 are in 'safe Republican districts'

46 of which have incumbents running
20 are in 'safe Democratic districts'
  6 are in 'leaning Democratic districts'
16 are in 'safe Republican districts'
  4 are in 'safe Republican districts'


20 seats up for State Senate

13 of which are open seats
  9 are in 'safe Democratic district'
  2 are in 'leaning Democratic districts'
  2 are in 'safe Republican districts'

  7 of which have incumbents running
  2 are in 'safe Democratic district'
  1 are in 'leaning Democratic districts'
  3 are in 'safe Republican districts'
  1 are in 'safe Republican districts'