When I got there they were still debating how to reorganize the schedule. I was there out of a sense of duty. As a member of the Green Party of Santa Clara County's County Council, I felt an obligation to go to the Green Party of California's statewide meeting.


Finally they got down to business, which was talking about the GPCA budget.


When we broke for lunch we had to go upstairs to the cafeteria. I was pleasantly surprised to find Ross Mirkarimi  in the hall, hanging out and talking to people that wanted to talk to him. He's in a rough situation right now. He can't get a job because that will strengthen the hand of the people that don't want him back in the Sherri f's seat. He doesn't have money coming in, which is a strain. His wife and son have gone back to her parents place. He described his state as "somewhere between purgatory and limbo."


I told him I see what he's going through as further proof that getting involved with the Democrats is a bad idea.

Please visit the friends of Ross page and at least sign the petition. He needs as many friends as he can get!


The recall that this guy was part of was a recall of some County Supervisors that approved a Wal*Mart super center. They were recalled, and permission to build it was reascended by the new guys. I wish I could remember more of the details. A very inspiring story!

Meanwhile, the budget foo foo row went on and on.


A real highlight of the event was the Presidential Candidate debate across the street at the Victoria Theater. Click the marquis to see more about that.



Lunch was provided by the Tamale Lady. She is famous in the Mission District for her tamales. They were very good.


Mike Feinstein represented us at the Global Greens meeting in Dakar. He's got the shirt to prove it.


The Alameda County voter guide is probably the best thing to come out of the Green Party of California yet again. Greg Jan wanted each of us to take some home to inspire the people of our counties to do that kind of thing for next election.