Kent Mesplay, who is also on the ballot, was not there. They thought he might show up, so there was a spot for him to sit at. Turns out they wasted a glass of water.


They had a series of guest questioners. My favorite question came from the health care for all guy. He asked how the candidates are going to use their campaigns to get the word out on the need for single payer health care. Roseanne said she would go on talk shows and talk about it. Jill said that she would be working social media to make the message spread virally. I hope we earn her trust by forwarding that!




I missed my chance to get a picture of Jill and Carol smiling for the camera together. I regret that.

Jello liked my change display enough that I gave it to him. I feel honored to have shared it with they guy who is famous for saying "If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."   1132