This flag is my gesture of support for the United States. My goal in making this website was to create a place where you could browse the general dimensions of the world I am part of. Click the pictures, and you will find yourself touring some of the creations I have found entertainment value in. My hope is that you will find an idea or two with lasting value.

This painting was based on a picture of the Heinleins taken in the 1954ish time frame. It graced the cover of Tramp Royale, a travleogue that Heinlein wrote in that time frame that was published in 1992, one of his more obscure works. Click the picture to see something about why I like his writing so much.

Before its visual transformation, the book on the left above was my favorite Heinlein juvenile.

That hour of bread I traded to a New Zealander for a $5 with a hoiho on the back.

The guy on the Peruvian 50 is Tupac Amaru II. Until I saw this bill I hadn't realized there was such a person.

The Bug Wars is an outrageously bad book. I picked it up at a rummage sale at Christina's church in Orange County. It is also a great prop for a computer programmer with software problems that are giving him headaches. I finally read it in March of 2001, and was sorry I had bothered.

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