It's hard to tell from the picture, but that DVD case is MUCH bigger than a CD case, even though the disk you take out of it to recreate the information encoded on it is EXACTLY the same size. My life would be so much more convienient if the two kinds of boxes were the same size. The environmental impact of distributing the movies would be less to!

I composed the above picture while listening to a talk show whose topic of the hour was media literacy on KQED.

That "R1043473" is a temporary password that was given me by a computer at AOL I called when I forgot my password. I mention it because when I first worked there in 1996 the management was bragging that their call centers in places like Oklahoma were good jobs for those communities. When I left the company that was still true. Since then they've gone to call centers in India, and since then to the computer I talked to. The only good thing about the computer is that there was less waiting on hold than I had to put up with from any of their previous customer support systems.