Virginia and I went to DC for the Climate March on the new President's 100th day. About half way across the country I realized I'd forgotten my camera. Oooops. No problem, Virginia loaned me her tablet for the occasion.


We got there a day and a half early, so we spent the afternoon in the African American Museum. Neither of us had seen it before. It was fascinating. For some reason I just had to take a picture of her with the "buck flag", something some Black Patriots carried during the revolution.


The next morning when we looked out the window of the hotel there was already a steady stream of people with signs streaming down Pennsylvania Ave towards the start. We joined the flow as soon as we could. It was already warm. Clearly another hot day in DC was in the cards.

The police had Trump International Hotel barricaded off for some reason.


The march assembly really began in front of the Newseum. That was such a great place to exercise our rights to freely assemble and petition the government for redress of grievences!




There were stacks of these posters and many others. If you hadn't brought a sign of your own you were welcome to have one or two.


The woman with the "Stop Fracking" banner said "Thanks to fracking, Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than California." Surprised me!




I found out later that the ice cream cone was pulled through the entire march by a tribe of Ben & Jerries ice cream employees that had come down on the train from Vermont just for the march. It takes an awesome company to organize a trip like that!


It was amazing. Virginia found an old friend in that crowd. At that point we'd found our spot, so we hung out in the shade for a while and waited for the march to get moving.




After the march, on the train on the way back to California, we saw a mind numbingly huge number of windmills being built in Kansas. They are going for the gusto on clean power for sure!


About this time we started marching. Someone explained that it took a long time to get moving because there were so many people ahead of us that the logistics of it all were difficult. It was okay, everybody was in a good mood.





Maybe there was a huge crush of people up ahead or something like that. Nobody explained why, but suddenly the word was passed. "SIT DOWN!" We sat for a few minutes, but then we got restless and went back to marching.


Lots of booing and hissing and chanting as we passed the Trump International Hotel. It's the kind of place we all love to hate.





When we finally found my brother and his crew the march was over. Time to go get off our feet and eat some food. It had been a great day!