I'm not good at mornings. We were supposed to be at Honda's office at 9 AM, but it was closer to 10:15 when I got there. The only one occupying the office was Doug. He told me that everyone else had moved on to Zoe Lofgrens office. Doug was spending time there so Honda would know he REALLY wants Congress to stop funding the war. Later he sent me some pictures he took during the occupation. Click his picture to look at those.

I had to wait about ten minutes at this (Hamilton) light rail station, so I decided to use the time trying to get a good picture of it. I like the way it looks.


The most noticeable thing about riding the train was that all the bike racks were full. Up at the north end of the line that seems to rarely happen, but in South San Jose it is common. I'm not sure why.

I didn't even get to Lofgren's office. I was half a block away when this parade of peace activists intercepted me and said "turn around". Apparently they had a bad experience there. Miriam Kathleen wanted us to run somebody against her next year. I couldn't think of a better idea. Hey Roy, are you interested?


On the train we ran into this guy that makes a living making custom balloons for people. He made us a peace sign balloon and talked us into paying $10 for it. A real magician if there ever was one.


Carol wanted me to take good pictures of all her signs. Click the buttons above to see those. She started the speaking by explaining that we were going to have bit of open mike speaking and then we were going to march down to the Mercury News Office, and then we were going to march down to Anna Eshoo's office and deliver some Valentines, the overall message of which would be "we'd love it if you would impeach the current regime."


Drew explained that the Green Party is 100% behind the impeachment movement, and we were here today to deliver copies of the impeachment resolution we had passed last year to all three of the Congresspeople with stops on transit.  I think he also said a few things about how alarmed he is by what our government is doing, and called for everybody to do something to further the impeachment movement.

Dennis said he had found a political outsider named Buchanan whom he is going to run for President next year. He said real democracy demands our participation, so he is going to make that campaign into something good.

These three were sitting in the sun enjoying lunch, and the one in the middle was moved by the emotion of our speaking to say a few words, mostly thanks for caring about the future and keep it up. I was so busy talking to them I completely ignored the pithy nuggets of wisdom that Roy shared with us.


Then we paraded down to The Mercury News. Along the way we chanted things like: "what do we want?" "IMPEACHMENT!" "when do we want it?" "NOW!" When that got old Carol would explain to all in earshot that our goal is to inspire our Congressional Representatives to practice compassionate impeachment on Bush, Cheney, and all of the other senior officials of the current Washington Regime.


Mike went up to The Mercury News office to see if he could get somebody there to come down and talk to us. When he came down he explained that they had told him that it was an advertising sales office, and there was nobody in the building whose job it was to cover the citizens of Palo Alto. We thought about that for a few moments, and then marched on to Eshoo's office.


When we got to Eshoo's office we crowded in. The guy behind the desk wouldn't let me take his picture, but he didn't object to my taking one of Drew reading our cover letter. Then we each gave him a Valentine for the Congresswoman, ones that said things like "we'd love it if you'd Impeach Bush", "FIRE THE LIAR", and "practice compassionate impeachment". Drew turned in the Green Party Resolution for Impeachment. A few of us vented some frustration with a Government that did little more than accept pieces of paper. The guy behind the desk said he understood and he would tell the Congresswoman about our visit. He didn't know when she would be around, and he couldn't schedule an appointment with her for us. We left peacefully.

The last thing we did was pose for a group shot. I photoshopped myself in because I was there.

Talking to Cameron about it later, he said the thing he enjoyed most about the day was all the positive feedback we got from passers by that liked the message we were putting out there. Pedestrians would give us thumbs up. Cars would honk. Once he mentioned it, I saw what he was talking about. A lot of people really were nice to us.