For several months now, there has been a vigil in front of Congresswoman Lofgren's office every Friday. I started my activism evening by checking out the scene...




You can see the video this guy put together by clicking this line or his picture.


The letter we gave the Congresswoman's staffer was a polite request for her to support the impeachment resolution(s) in the Judiciary Committee. There was enough detail on the reasons that hopefully her staff could connect the dots. Every one of us, and a number of other people, had signed with our names and addresses so she would know who was asking her to take a courageous stand.

When we came outside I had a feeling that just maybe Representative Lofgren would listen to reason. Certainly her staff treated us a lot better than the Eshoo people treated that batch of citizens. If you live in Lofgren's district, please give her a call!