Lately there have been lots of "Stop Asian hate!" rallys and vigils. I missed the big one, but this one gives you an idea about what people are saying at them.


At the beginning I just wandered around talking to friends that happened to be there. Then I went down the row of people brandishing signs and took pictures of most of them.


A lot of the cars going by were honking support.



The "bad days" stuff is a reference to the Sheriff that wanted to let off a mass murderer "Because he just had a bad day."





Reading the details on that history summary was like attending a history teach-in. Click her picture to get some of the details.


Then we some open mike sharing. Justin brought a nice audio system, and we used it for a long time.

Many people talked about parents or ancestors who came here for a better life. Many talked about violence they had experienced or seen. "We need to come together to stop this!" One guy said if we call out micro-aggression it doesn't lead to bigger problems. April 25th there will be a big rally at Cesar Chavez Plaza and they want all of us to be there.