Somebody gave me this handout. It was the organizers official statement. Many of the points were echoed by speakers later in the event.


Faith community members were a large percentage of the crowd.




The MC lady came on the mike and said she had a long list of speakers to get through, so we would do them as quickly as possible. Then she added that if anybody else had something to say to everybody, please make your way to the front and line up behind the others.


The first speakers were these two members of the San Jose City Council. They left a clear impression that what the Trump administration was doing was wrong.

The next speaker told of having her parents rounded up in the field for the crime of being Mexican. She told the story in English, Spanish, and some other language that only Central Americans can understand. Sounded like a bad experience, but luckily it worked out in the end.


The Priest was barn burner outraged about what's going on. He wanted people to put their bodies on the line for justice.


The guy from the ACLU remembered being locked up as a Japanese-American during WW II. He is looking for ways to make the administration in Washington follow the letter of the law.

The guy from SIREN (light blue button shirt) said we need to remember this when election day comes around.

The woman in purple talked about having her guy stolen by ICE. She said "I had to fight like hell to get him back."




Jake from the Green Party asked people to move their money out of banks that are funding the building of these prison camps.


By this time my brain was saturated and my attention wandered. Sorry, can't remember what these people said.


Almost a week later the story is still being discussed in the national media. There must have been a lot of demonstrations like this one.